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Criticising social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook is as pointless as knocking people who discuss the weather

Cory Doctorow, via

Here are some suggested things to say if you want to sound like an idiot when you talk about social media:

• It’s inconsequential – most of […]

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Over the past year, I’ve been speaking about the importance of social media to both businesses and individuals. Some people “get it” right away, but I’ve also been asked countless time to defend why social media isn’t just a fad and a big fat stupid waste of time.

Shelly DeMotte Kramer, […]

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With so many self-professed social media “gurus” these days, it would serve us well to be able to distinguish the ones worth listening to from the ones that are bullshitters.

The brilliant Sam Ladner, PhD wrote in her blog:

The bottom line is this: social media bullshitters have no knowledge of social […]

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So what is Google Wave?

On 2009/11/15 By

According to the rumours before Google Wave was introduced it was something to replace all current social media networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.). It’s not that at all–-it’s a work collaboration tool. The basic premise is that Google was is what email would look like if it was invented today.

I think Google Wave has […]

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From Regular Geek, here is the required reading list for people interested in social media:

First, there are the blogs I recommended in the quick guide, Louis Gray, Alexander van Elsas, Muhammad Saleem, SarahInTampa and […]

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