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This is a good case study from High Scalability on the operation of the microblogging site, Tumblr. The site is growing at 30% month over month and has about 500 million page views/day. This means storing around 1-3TB of data into Hadoop clusters daily!

As you can imagine, with this […]

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It’s about time…

In a speech before an Federal Trade Commission roundtable yesterday, outgoing FTC Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour called on Web services services like Yahoo!, Facebook and Hotmail to start using HTTPS/SSL encryption.

Google has recently shown leadership in this space, by enabling HTTPS for Gmail, as well as making it the default […]

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So what is Google Wave?

On 2009/11/15 By

According to the rumours before Google Wave was introduced it was something to replace all current social media networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.). It’s not that at all–-it’s a work collaboration tool. The basic premise is that Google was is what email would look like if it was invented today.

I think Google Wave has […]

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Think twice about that huge font and those glassy icons: Look and feel is the first thing we see and notice about most web apps and is often critical to an app’s user experience, adoption, and ultimate success.

We chatted with a panel of expert aesthetes in the space, including Spymaster […]

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The following tools are broken down into a few buckets for clarity of function. Note, these choices are purely subjective, but we use most of these daily or have implemented them for various groups.

Google Suite

This is the most obvious especially for smaller organizations that don’t want to be bothered with running their […]

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