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We have been getting a few questions about what web apps that we like and use. There are A LOT of tools out there. So, it is our duty to remind you that as always, IT ISN’T ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY!

Our job is NOT to simply develop and implement tools or technology for our clients. Anybody can cut a few corners and do that badly. Our specialty is creating best-of-class solutions by revealing and refining YOUR business processes and helping you streamline and automate some of these refined processed using the most appropriate technology.

It just happens that some of the best tools for the job are cheap or free. OK, got that?

If you have have any questions on what you should do for your organization…CALL US!


For photos, we love Flickr. Not only is it a great host for your photos, you can embed the photos into your own site easily (see the widget to the right of this post) and there is a fantastic community of snap happy users.

RSS Feeds

To syndicate feeds, we like Feedburner. This app makes it easy for people to subscribe to your feed, and has good reporting tools.


Videos are part of the web now and will only become more important as time goes on. It is already some of the most viewed content on the web based on the stats from YouTube. While almost everyone knows about YouTube, it has some limitations. Among these are a 10 minute video limit.

A great alternative is Vimeo. This service has a 500mb upload limit a week, but should give you plenty of space for larger videos.

So, our strategy is to use YouTube for teaser pieces and Vimeo for full videos.

For streaming LIVE video, check out:

UStream – Live interactive video streaming

Qik – Stream Video from your mobile phone!

Tell us. What do YOU like?


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