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Chris Yeh, VP of Enterprise Marketing, PBWiki and social networking guru talks about the importance of collaborating across corporate boundaries. This piece is also a good reflection on how “small is the new big.” This ability of small and medium sized businesses to do more with less is seen to trump “too big to fail” in our economic downturn.

How Does Collaboration Help Me Do More With Less?
While collaboration in the cloud has many soft benefits like allowing greater geographic diversity and encouraging a participatory culture, during these tough times, the hard benefits of collaboration take center stage. The bottom line is that collaboration helps you do more with less, and by definition, virtual companies and teams are all about less. Less time. Less money. Less inefficiency. Less employees.

Here are four practical ways that collaboration in the cloud enables businesses (virtual and otherwise) to do more with less:

Ditch your servers
Cut down on travel
Enable outsourcing and offshoring
Improve knowledge worker productivity


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