web-app-designThink twice about that huge font and those glassy icons: Look and feel is the first thing we see and notice about most web apps and is often critical to an app’s user experience, adoption, and ultimate success.

We chatted with a panel of expert aesthetes in the space, including Spymaster designer Eston Bond, veteran creative director Rich Barrett, designer/developer Warren Benedetto, Mike Rundle of 9rules and Beak fame, and the Paul du Coudray Lowdown, the winner of this year’s Rails Rumble appearance category. Here’s what they had to say about developers doing double duty as designers, trends they’d like to see disappear, and how aesthetics can help a startup sink or swim.

The Aesthetics of Web Apps in 6 Questions

  • Is a web app’s look and feel critical to its overall success or failure?
  • What web design trends have surfaced and dominated in 2009?
  • What elements of web app design should disappear forever?
  • What design elements are simply overused, and are there still good reasons to employ them?
  • Do certain design elements signal to users – and investors and media – the scope, uses, and meaning of an application?
  • What’s good advice for the team developing and designing The Next Big Web App?
  • Bonus round! What are your favorite colors and fonts for web design?

Check out the article here.  Worth a read…


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