Here Today Gone TomorrowIn advising clients trying to drive more traffic to their niche sites, I’ve stumbled onto a trend. The relentless drive to gain visits, clicks, and eyeballs are making us dumber–online publishers and marketers have been creating a culture of shallowness through link-baiting and the hyping of sensationalist celebrity fluff.

This gives the masses what they want. But, by pandering to the crowds with the collective attention span of a gnat, these publishers are actually dredging up the segment of the population that matters the least. These viewers are here today and gone tomorrow–or more likely in about 2 seconds. These are not likely the people that will convert into loyal customers.

Although the usual web metrics are easy to measure, if you care about making a difference or for real action, you need to take on a different mindset. You have to find the people that you are willing to listen and think.

Similarly, in Seth Godin’s recent post:

The majority of people who sign up for a new online service rarely or never use it. The majority of YouTube videos are watched for just a few seconds.

and makes the conclusion that:

In the race between ‘who’ and ‘how many’, who usually wins–if action is your goal. Find the right people, those that are willing to listen to what you have to say, and ignore the masses that are just going to race on, unchanged.

Take the time to read Seth’s post about Driveby culture and the endless search for wow.


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