While this statement blows my mind (and the numbers don’t even include Hong Kong):

Staggering as it may to conceptualize, there will be more mobile Internet users in China in 2010 than the entire population of the US.

This may be true, but looking deeper into the situation will review that:

– These mobile internet users in China don’t monetize well and the spending levels in China are still relatively low when compared to the size of the mobile Internet user base.

– While there are more consumers buying smartphones, these are still not in the majority.  The users in the BRIC countries have a high percentage of people that are on 2G mobile networks and will be for the next few years.

This means that marketers in these markets should still emphasize messaging campaigns for now and less on the latest mobile sites and mobile apps TODAY.  But, keeping in mind that the smartphones and faster networks are on their way…

via Looking Beyond the Staggering Mobile Stats in the BRIC Countries – The eMarketer Blog.


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